Isotroin 20mg (15 Capsules)

Isotroin 20mg (15 Capsules)

Generic for Accutane/Myorisan
Active Ingredient Isotretinoin
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Isotroin capsules contain the active ingredient Isotretinoin, which is a powerful medication used primarily in the treatment of severe cystic acne that has not responded to other treatments. It belongs to a class of medications known as retinoids.

Isotretinoin works by reducing the production of sebum (skin oil) and helping prevent clogged pores. It can also have other effects on the skin, such as reducing inflammation.

It's important to note that Isotroin (Isotretinoin) can have significant side effects and should only be used under the close supervision of a healthcare professional. It may have specific requirements for monitoring and contraception in female patients due to the potential for birth defects if taken during pregnancy.

If you have been prescribed Isotroin or have questions about its use, it's important to discuss with your healthcare provider and follow their guidance carefully. 

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